Chimney Cowls

chimney cowl
A chimney cowl is a usually hood-shaped covering used to increase the draft of a chimney and prevent backflow. The chimney cowl, usually made of galvanized iron, is fitted to the chimney pot to prevent birds or wind blowing the smoke back down into the room beneath. No doubt named for the resemblance of many designs to the cowl garment worn by monks, they have been in use for centuries.

Jackdaws nest in chimneys jackdaws are a little bigger than a black bird with a gray neck. People say they have crows nesting in there chimneys but crows do not nest in chimneys, if you have this problem number 1 pest control in west sussex can help you by removing the jackdaw nest and fitting a chimney bird guard for you. Number 1 pest control will sort your squirrels nest problems to as well as jackdaw nest in your chimney.

When using an open fire to heat a room the smoke rises through a flue to a chimney pot on the roof. Under normal conditions the warm air from the fire will rise up the chimney taking the smoke with it and dispersing it at rooftop level where it is less of a nuisance. When you have a disused chimney you can fit a chimney c cap to stop rain and jackdaws getting in your chimney.

All the chimney cowls sold are chimney sweep friendly so the chiney sweep will be able to sweep the chimney to the top into the chimney cowl and some cases still see the chimney sweeps brush at the top for luck. In strong winds the force of the wind may overwhelm the updraft and push the airflow in reverse down the flue. Smoke will then fill the room it is intended to heat posing a health and fire risk, causing discomfort and dirtying furnishings.

When raw coal rather than smokeless fuel is burnt, which was the case for centuries before clean air legislation took effect, then the amount of smoke is considerable and measures to prevent backflow occurring are a necessity.

Another secondary function for a chimney cowl is to prevent birds (jackdaw)and squirrels from nesting in the chimney. Euro cowl and top guard are the common chimney cowls used colt cowls are good to.They often also act as a rain guard to keep rain from going down the chimney. A metal wire mesh is sometimes added as a spark arrestor. Wooden cowls were used on oasts to prevent the ingress of rain into kilns, and create a flow of air through the kiln.

A H-style cap (cowl) is a chimney top constructed from chimney pipes shaped like the letter H. It is an age-old method to regulate draft in situations where prevailing winds or turbulence cause downdraft and backpuffing. Although the H-cap has a distinctive advantage over most other downdraft caps, it fell out of favor because of its bulky looks. It is found mainly in marine use but has been gaining popularity again for its energy saving functionality. The H-cap stabilizes the draft rather than increases it. Other downdraft caps are based on the Venturi effect, solving downdraft problems by increasing the updraft constantly resulting in much higher fuel consumption.


Designed to: Cure smokey fireplaces. Prevents downdraughts by creating a positive airflow whatever the wind direction. Suitable for all fuel types. Also prevents birds, vermin, and rain entry.

Finish: Natural aluminium and powder coat painted terracotta or cotswold stone. *Base flange and fittings all in 316 stainless steel.

Maintenance: High dome allows effective sweeping. Size: A universal fitting fits 125mm (5"), to 250mm (10") chimney pots.

Approvals: BS715 1989 British Gas Certificate No. AE1/92/3.

Optional extras: Stainless steel birdguard which must be fitted when burning gas or oil. An adapter plate is required when external diameter of flue is less than 200mm (8").

Euro Topguard

Designed to: prevent birds, vermin and leaves entering chimney flues whilst maintaining flue efficiency. Provides good ventilation and added protection against wind and rain entry. This model can be used in conjunction with pot hangers (see picture). Finish: Basic model is zinc primed and powder coat painted Terracotta or Cotswold Stone. The stainless steel version is also supplied in Terracotta or Cotswold Stone colours or unpainted and should be specified when highly corrosive fuels are burnt. Maintenance: The high dome allows for effective sweeping without the need to remove the cowl from the chimney pot. Sizes: Fits pots from 125mm (5”) to 250mm (10”) Approvals: BS5871 (terminals up to 250mm (10”).

C-Cap is a high quality product, designed to fit any standard design chimney pot, up to 11" (280mm) external diameter. * Fitting (or removal) is simple and takes seconds, requiring no special skills, can be fitted in a matter of seconds, one handed if necessary. * Pots need to be in sound condition. Any cracked pots should be either replaced or suitably strapped to accept lateral pressure from the retaining wires. * As with any capping, the chimney should preferably be swept clean prior to capping off and any significant obstruction (e.g. birds nests) removed. * C-Cap has been thoroughly field-tested for secure fitting an the most exposed winter conditions and in the furthest reaches of the UK. * Retaining wires are fully galvanised, retained by an alloy clamp and 2 stainless steel screws * C-Cap guarantees 100% protection against ingress of rain, hail, snow and nesting birds. * Includes felt buffer, helping reduce heat loss still further * Injection moulded for durability and long life, it is available in either 'terracotta' or 'buff' colour and also available c-cap chimney cowl save on heat lost from your house a standard chimney, fire place (23"x16" opening) will draw 5.5 cubic meters of air a minute.
The Brewer Aerodyne Cowl has been in constant production for about 50 years and has abundantly proven its worth in curing downdraught, showing that the laws of aerodynamics don’t change. As wind from any direction passes through the cowl the unique venturi shaped surfacescause a drop in air pressure which draws smoke and fumes up the chimney for dispersal to atmosphere.
Fully assembled
Adjustable to fit 150mm - 250mm (6" - 10") internal diameter flues
and pots. 
Three methods of securing cowl to pot: either four hook bolts 
and wing nuts, adjustable expanded sleeve or stainless steel strap
Suitable for use on solid fuel systems - logs, coal, peat -
Manufactured from 1.2mm thick high grade aluminium alloy -
natural finish   
Chimney accessories cowls are for the use with your wood buring stove open fire aga rayburn to stop jackdaws nesting, to help with the draw of your chimney or to stop rain. The best chimney cowls are euro topguard bird guards, brewer downdraught cowl c cap chimney cowl for disused chimneys.
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